Credit Cards not working

1.Verify that the POS terminal has Internet connection by accessing a website (ex.

a.If the terminal does not have an internet connection, it will not process credit and subcards (“Cannot connect to server machine” error).

2.Verify that the latest version of the SUBWAY Payment Manager (SPM) is installed.Two quick ways to check the version:

a.In SubwayPOS, select the Support Screen button.

3.Verify that the power cord is connected to a known good power outlet and is fully engaged with the pigtail (it will snap flush together when connected properly so there is no exposed metal or rubber ring).

  • a.If the LED is not lit or the power supply does not have an LED, then try connecting it to another power outlet.
  • b.If the LED still does not light up, even when other devices work on that same outlet, contact the Subway Tech Support Center at (800) 888-4848 Ext. 4767.
  • a.If this corrects the issue AND the terminal is on Windows 7, check the USB port power settings to ensure that it’s not disabling power to the port:
  • i.Enter Control Panel.
  • ii.Select Power Options.
  • iii.Click on “Edit plan settings” for the selected plan.
  • iv.Click “Change advanced power settings”.
  • v.Expand USB settings, USB Selective suspend setting, and ensure the Setting is Disabled.
  • 10.If the Verifone is still not functional, contact Zak for escalation

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    1. KK Sub Tech Support
      13 March, 2019