Receipt Printer not working

  1. Determine the model of the Epson receipt printer that you are connecting to your POS system. (Do not refer to the PAR model.)
  2. Plug the receipt printer into the proper USB port and power on the device.
  3. Click Start and locate the program folder "Epson for OPOS for .NET".
  4. Click the folder and start the program SetupPOS.
  5. On the home screen of the program, click Add or Modify (if there is a pre-existing OPOS configuration).The next screen contains the device configuration settings for the receipt printer.
  6. Select the correct model of Epson receipt printer in the second list.
  7. On the next screen, from Port Type, select USB (serial printers rarely, if ever, work with SubwayPOS®).
  8. On this screen, check that the character count is 42,
  9. When finished, click Save. You can make changes by clicking Modify.
  10. Click Start and locate the program folder "Epson for OPOS for .NET".
  11. Open Check Health Utility.
  12. Expand PosPrinter and click PosPrinter.

  13. Click CheckHealth.

  14. If the device is communicating, the POSPrinter Service dialog appears.

  15. Click Print a few times and observe the receipt printer print one line each time you click. When the dialog box shows “Complete”, the receipt printer is configured successfully .

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